Protecting Your Privacy

We understand how important it is for private customer information to be kept confidential. We are committed to protecting and managing your information and would like to take this opportunity to describe how we gather, retain and protect the security of your information.

Keeping You Informed

We provide our Privacy Policy to all new customers and to current customers on an annual basis. Changes may be made to our Policy. Our current policy is always available at

Gathering and Maintaining Your Information

In order to assist you with your financial needs and provide you with more efficient service, it is necessary to collect and maintain certain types of customer information. We may gather and retain nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources:
- Applications or other forms that you provide to us that include information such as your name, address, social security number, assets and income.
- Financial account activity and transactions, such as payment history, Account balances and usage;
- Reporting agencies, such as your credit worthiness and credit history.

Maintaining accurate information is essential to protecting the integrity of our customers' records. We take all precautions, in accordance with reasonable industry standards, to ensure information is current and complete. If you become aware of any inaccurate information, please help us correct it by contacting a Customer Service Professional at 1-877-881-6018.

Security Practices to Protect Your Information

Your information is used strictly for legitimate business purposes. Our employees are trained to respect your privacy concerns and to safeguard your personal information. Furthermore, as technology becomes more advanced, we are continuously modifying our physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to ensure compliance with federal and state standards and to protect your nonpublic personal information.

We encourage you to learn about identity theft, fraud, and online threats such as email scams. Information on these topics, proactive steps that you can take to protect yourself, as well as instructions on what to do if you become a victim of identity theft or fraud are available at our Web site

Online Privacy

We are committed to protecting customers and visitors to our Web site at Accordingly, our Web site uses a variety of advanced Internet security technology, including the encryption of information that is transmitted while accessing account information over the Internet or submitting online applications by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology. We also use digital certification, a unique identifier to substantiate our identity to your browser. Additionally, authentication is required when using online services to validate your identity using your Card Number along with a combination of the last four (4) digits of your Social Security Number, Mother's Maiden Name, three (3) digit security code, and the Card expiration date.

Managing Financial Information

Outside of Fifth Third
Fifth Third does not disclose nonpublic personal information about our customers or former customers to non-affiliated third parties, except as permitted by law for routine business reasons that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing information to assist us in processing your applications or managing your accounts.
  • Protecting the integrity and security of your records including prevention of fraud and unauthorized transactions (such as credit card companies).
  • Reporting to consumer agencies.
  • Complying with federal, state, or local laws, rules and other applicable legal requirements (such as a subpoena, garnishment or court order).
  • Marketing of bank products or services by companies with which we have joint marketing agreements (account numbers are not shared under such agreements).

In instances in which customer information is shared, we require that third parties treat and maintain the privacy of your customer information with the same degree of diligence and careful attention as is required by Fifth Third.

Within Fifth Third
In order to best serve our customers, it may be necessary for certain types of information to be accessible across our companies. Having information available enables us to provide you with quality assistance and convenience for a variety of products and services. The type of information that may be shared includes, but is not limited to:

  • Application Information (such as your name and address)
  • Employment History (such as income or credit references)
  • Account Balances
  • Payment History (such as timeliness of payments)
  • Credit Card Activity

Privacy Options

You have choices as to how we contact you for marketing purposes as well as how we use your credit and personal financial information among Fifth Third companies.

If you are comfortable with the methods in which we use your information currently, there is no need to indicate your preference. We recognize, however, that you may wish to limit the ways in which we use your information for marketing, and we offer the following opt-out choices:

  • You may request that we not call you.
  • You may ask that we not send you information by mail.
  • You may direct us not to contact you by email.

You may also tell us not to share your credit and personal financial information with other Fifth Third companies.

To specify your preference or discuss your options, write to Card Center, Customer Service, Privacy Administration, P.O. Box 3038, Evansville, Indiana, 47730-3038 or call a Customer Service Professional at 1-877-881-6018. Preferences must include your name, address, telephone number, and Social Security Number. Incomplete information will delay or prevent our ability to honor your request. If you have a joint account, a request by one owner will apply to the joint account. The opt-out designation, if elected, applies to your current portfolio of accounts. Our systems will be updated to reflect your privacy preferences within 30 days following receipt of the request.

Customer Identification Program
In accordance with the USA PATRIOT Act, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each individual or entity opening an account. This includes all personal and commercial accounts.

What This Means To Our Customers

When you open an account, you will be asked for your name, address, social security or tax identification number, date of birth (if applicable) and other information that will allow us to identify you. You will also be asked to furnish your driver´┐Żs license or other identifying documents. We are required to follow this procedure each time an account is opened, even if you are a current customer.

Thank you for helping us to follow this Federally-mandated procedure.

Fifth Third Companies Covered By This Policy  
Fifth Third Bank, an Ohio Banking CorporationFifth Third Holdings, LLC
Fifth Third Bank, a Michigan Banking CorporationFifth Third Insurance Agency
Fifth Third Bank, National AssociationHome Equity of America Inc.
The Fifth Third Leasing CompanyFifth Third Asset Management, Inc
Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyThe Fifth Third Auto Leasing Trust
Fifth Third Mortgage, MI, LLC 
Fifth Third Securities, Inc. Member NASD/SIPC 
Fifth Third Real Estate Capital Markets, Inc. 

This policy applies to all Fifth Third companies that are listed above.

Equal Housing Lender

Member FDIC

Privacy Policy for Consumer Information
Effective February 2005

We may report information about your accounts to credit bureaus. Late payments, or defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report.